SnoPass Information

SnoFund (Snowmobile Network Opportunities Fund)

The SnoFund is a partnership between Snowman and Manitoba Conservation. It is a user-pay snowmobile trail pass system whereby a snowmobiler who chooses to ride on a designated Snofund Trail (any trail in Manitoba maintained by a snowmobile club) helps to fund the costs of providing that trail through the purchase of a SnoPass.

The goal of the Snofund is to provide funding assistance to Snoman Member Clubs so they may continue to provide a trail system for all to enjoy.

All snowmobilers that choose to travel on a designated Snofund Trail are required by law to have a valid SnoPass and to display it on a valid ORV plate that is affixed to the snowmobile. Manitoba Snopasses are recognized in Saskatchewan; and Saskatchewan trail permits are recognized here. Manitoba Conservation and the RCMP, working co-operatively with local snowmobile clubs, will be actively patrolling the trails and conducting spot checks.

When you purchase an Annual Snopass, you will receive a Snoman Official Trail Map for that season. If you are from out-of-province and would like a copy for trip planning purposes, please phone Travel Manitoba at 1-800-665-0040.

All Snopass purchasing households will receive 4 editions of SnoRiders West, Snoman's official publication starting the following fall.

Save money on special offers and discounts at participating retailers with your Snocard. Various discounts are offered by our supporting Snofund Partners.

Prices and Purchase Locations
Snopass prices have increased for the 2009-2010 season. Your SnoPass dollars help to preserve and improve recreational snowmobiling for today and into the future.

Snopasses are available from all MPI agents across Manitoba.

SnoPass Prices:
On or before December 15 -  $ 105.00; after December 15 -  $ 135.00; 7 Day Pass -  
$60.00 If you require more information about SnoPasses or other matters regarding the sport of snowmobiling in Manitoba, check out the Snoman. Click the logo below.